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Teachable Moments

Self-Confidence Boost

May 15, 2018

Building your little one’s self-confidence at a young age helps them to overcome challenges and be resilient as they grow. There are many ways you can encourage your child and help them build self-confidence.

Let your toddler help you around home with chores where they are able. Ask them to set spoons and forks on the table at dinner, sort socks in the laundry or have them put away their toys. Praise your child once they have completed the task that was assigned. Taking on jobs at home will give your child a sense of importance as these routines provide a feeling of security.

Some tasks might take longer for your little one to accomplish, but be sure to listen to them and provide encouragement by letting them know it is okay to make mistakes. Even if your child misses a few toys during clean-up, thank them for helping. 

Good encouragement acknowledges your child’s efforts and makes them want to help more!

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