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Teachable Moments

Talk about Transitions

April 03, 2018

Transitions happen every day for your little one! It can be difficult to ask your toddler to stop what they’re doing to take their nap, eat lunch, or get ready for bedtime. You can help make these transitions easier by communicating them to your child often at home.

Young children benefit from information. Be sure to give your child fair warning when it’s time to clean up and stop one activity and move to the next. Let them know how much time they have until the next activity, for example, “I see you’re having fun still! We have five more minutes at the park, which means we can go down the slide 3 more times and then it is time to go home and have our snack.  We can play outside at home after we have our snack” A warning system that lets them know what to expect instead of simply saying “stop going down the slide, it’s time to go home,” and it helps them to better prepare for what’s to come.  It also helps to offer warmth instead of orders to your little one,

Having a consistent schedule of when meal time, play time and bed time is at home also helps your little one to be familiar with what comes next. You can even use a song or rhyme to signal how long the activity will last to help them know that a transition is coming.

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