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Teachable Moments

Time to Talk!

April 10, 2018

Children learn the meaning of most words by having conversations with you! Talk as much as you can and often to your little one.

 When talking with your child, use complete sentences. When you introduce a new word to them, use it in different ways throughout the day.  When your little one uses words correctly, give them feedback and acknowledge it.  For example, let them know “That’s right! That is a spoon you’re holding!”
When you ask your little one questions, be sure to wait for them to respond. This a great way to model good language skills. Focus on what your child is trying to say rather than how clearly they pronounce their words to help them feel confident about talking to you.

Give your child plenty of opportunities to talk. Go on walks together and point out new things to them when you’re out and about. If your toddler does not respond to you clearly, expand on what they’re saying. For example, if you’re grocery shopping and they point out the “nana”, respond by saying, “yes, that’s a yellow banana.”

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