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Our Impact

Strategic Partnerships

CAP Tulsa is in the strongest position to support children and families when we work collectively with other community organizations. CAP Tulsa’s accomplishments have always been and will continue to be closely tied to the performance of many other organizations working across a broad delivery system that supports young children and their families.

We are proud to partner with the following community agencies, institutions and organizations:

Family & Children's Services

Family & Children's ServicesFamily & Children’s Services (F&CS) play a crucial role in supporting and engaging families and supporting the behavioral health needs of children and their parents.  F&CS provide Family Support Specialists who work directly with families to establish and achieve goals through a Family Success Plan; support child attendance; connect families to community resources; address emergency needs; and build parents’ skills through parenting classes and other engagement activities.  F&CS also provide school-based Behavioral Health Specialists to support children, parents, and teachers in working through behavioral and mental health issues.  

George Kaiser Family Foundation

George Kaiser Family FoundationThe George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF) is a key funder of CAP Tulsa, providing private matching dollars for the Oklahoma Early Childhood Program to support high-quality early education and care programs across Tulsa and the State of Oklahoma. In addition to financial support, GKFF also provides consultation on strategy, convenes local and national stakeholders, and forges partnerships to advance early childhood education, social services, civic enhancements, and community health initiatives. 

Oklahoma Early Childhood Program

Oklahoma Early Childhood ProgramThe Oklahoma Early Childhood Program (OECP) was created by the Oklahoma State Legislature in 2006 to improve the quality of early education and expand capacity to serve children from birth through age three statewide. The OECP provides the fiscal structure to align Oklahoma State Department of Education and private resources to promote high-quality standards tied to minimum teacher qualifications, ongoing professional development, and parent supports designed to foster low-income families’ independence and economic success. CAP Tulsa has administered OECP for the State since 2006 and acts as the fiscal agent and a grantee, partnering with other early childhood providers to serve an additional 943 children in high-quality programs across the state. View our list of OECP Partners.

Learn more about OECP.

Tulsa Technology Center

Tulsa Technology CenterCAP Tulsa partners with Tulsa Technology Center (TTC) to provide no-cost training in healthcare occupations for low-income parents in the Tulsa area. Through a program called, CareerAdvance® participants attend cohort-based classes at TTC Health Sciences facilities. TTC was founded in 1965 and is Oklahoma’s largest career and technology education institution in the state’s highly-acclaimed CareerTech system.

Tulsa Community WorkAdvance

Tulsa Community WorkadvanceCAP Tulsa partners with Tulsa Community Workadvance (TCW) to prepare CareerAdvance® participants for work, connect them to employment, and provide employment retention support.  Operated by Madison Strategies Group, TCW brings best practices in workforce development to the CareerAdvance® program.  This partnership has built strong connections with healthcare employers and become successful at placing participants into jobs and increasing their earnings. 

Union Adult Learning Center

Union Public SchoolsThrough our partnership with the Union Adult Learning Center we are able to provide free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to families with children enrolled in our early childhood education programs. Families attend classes taught by skilled instructors at the Union Adult Learning Center to help them build the skills they need to advocate for their children and have important conversations in English.