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Teachable Moments

Magic in Movement

February 06, 2018

There are endless benefits when your little one is active! Regular physical activity helps children build confidence, decrease stress, develop motor skills, strong bones and muscles, and helps with sleep habits.

For babies, give them short supervised periods of tummy time a couple times a day while they are awake. Allow your baby to play, touch, and feel toys and safe objects around them. Reaching helps your baby begin to develop the muscles they’ll need to roll over, crawl and scoot.

For toddlers, give them lots of opportunities throughout the day to move and play! Toddlers should have at least an hour of physical activity each day. Take time to go on nature walks together, dance, do yoga or play games that require you to move together.
When your child is moving they are also developing their thinking skills and setting the foundation for a healthy life!

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