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Teachable Moments

Sensory Play and Language

November 14, 2017

By engaging the senses during play, you are helping them discover how to describe things. Engaging the senses can also be more than touch, but taste, smell and sound as well. From the moment your child is born, they are designed to explore with their senses. This explains why babies and toddlers touch everything or why they tend to put things in their mouths. They are beginning to explore the world with their senses.

There are lots of ways you can encourage sensory play with your little one. When you’re outside, touch the grass or the bark of a tree and describe what you feel together. When listening to a song on the radio, talk about what sounds you hear. As you try different fruits and vegetables at meal times, share the different tastes you’re experiencing together such as firm, soft, crunchy, salty or sweet.

Sensory play not only helps with language, but is also a calming activity for children to be able to regulate any discomfort they’re feeling – which could be boredom, restlessness or some other agitation.

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